Bird Nest Removal

  • Removal of the nest and debris
  • Camera inspection to ensure flue is clear.
  • Smoke Evacuation Test
  • GOMCS Certificate


Bird Nest Debris

Prices  (incl. VAT)

Initial Vist (90 Minutes)
Every 30 Minutes thereafter

Birds build a nest by dropping or pushing twigs down your chimney, hoping that they will eventually wedge in position. Dropping more and more twigs and debris  until the nest reaches the top of the flue, where softer nesting matrerial is used such as grass, animal hair, moss etc. to build the actual nest.

The upper layer can be tough and often requires a variety of tools to break through the nest. Once a bird has nested in your chimney, it is very likely to return again the next year.

I would recommended a bird guard is fitted when the nest is empty to prevent them returning.


NOTE:- Under the Wildlife & Countryside act 1981 – ‘It is illegal to remove or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built … there is an unlimited fine, up to six months imprisonment or both.’ Generally you will have to wait until the breeding season is over (March to August) before the nest can be removed.